Hello Possums - Melbourne Possum Control


Hello Possums!

Are possums keeping you up at night, scratching, hissing & fighting in your roof? Love or hate them, they’re here to stay.

Possums are protected under the Wildlife Act 1975 so your choices to get rid of our nocturnal friend are limited. BUT it need not be expensive.

We offer an effective, safe & humane way to control possums – and we guarantee our work too! In order to effectively keep possums out of your roof we provide the following services:

  • We thoroughly block ALL entry points and reinforce areas of weakness where they may gain entry in the future.
  • We then place a one way exit into your roof which will allow the possum(s) to exit your roof by their own accord with no stress or fuss. Once all possums have exited your roof we remove the one way exit and our mission is complete.
  • On occasion we may have to place a cage trap in your roof to capture possums that refuse to leave. Trapped possums are released on site but you can be assured that now your roof has been possum-proofed there is no getting back in.

Our price, which we believe to be the most affordable, is $280.00 + gst, we are fully insured and offer a 12 month guarantee on our workmanship. We are quick, efficient and professional.